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Properly insulating & air sealing your historic or newly built home here in Ulster County, NY - and beyond - will set your home up for reliable home comfort & energy efficiency all year round. ECS-Better Home applies our building science expertise to your professional insulation installation & air seal.

Whether you live in a historic New York home that comes with all the charm and quirks, or a newly constructed home with all the bells and whistles, the insulation in your attic, crawlspace, walls and floors will be your biggest ally in the fight for energy efficiency and reliable home comfort.


Here at ECS-Better Home, we get homeowners coming to us each and every day asking what they can do to lower their energy bills and reduce the drafts they experience in their homes. Updating your home’s insulation is one of the first home performance upgrades we recommend, and as the building science experts here in Ulster County and the Mid Hudson Valley, we can tell you exactly why that is — and what kind of impact proper insulation installation can have on your home comfort!

Home Comfort Upgrades, Backed By Science

As a Building Performance Institute Gold Star contractor, ECS-Better Home can answer all of your questions when it comes to your home comfort upgrades. And when it comes to insulation, the goal is simple: to reduce drafts and eliminate the transfer of heat (and cold) through the materials that make up your home.


In all cases, we combine our professional insulation installation services with air sealing, which will close up any of the holes, cracks and gaps that exist in your home’s construction that are allowing for air to infiltrate your living space. The most surprising fact about insulation is that it doesn’t just keep you warm in the winter — it will keep you cool in the summer, too.


A Comfortable Home, Year Round

In the chilly New York winters, proper insulation and air sealing will prevent the heat your furnace or boiler provides from leaking up into your attic and out through the roof; through the floors and into the crawlspace; and through your exterior walls. Plus, in the hot and humid New York summers, insulation prevents unwanted outside heat from infiltrating through those same areas — keeping the cool air from your air conditioner indoors!


The year round benefits of insulation don’t just stop there. You can also experience many other long-lasting benefits. The full list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Warmer indoor temperatures in the winter
  • Cooler indoor temperatures in the summer
  • No more ice dams & icicles
  • Virtually eliminate insect & rodent infestations
  • Reduced maintenance schedule
  • No more frozen pipes

Insulation: More Than Just the Fluffy Stuff

ECS-Better Home will help you choose the perfect insulation material for your home or commercial building. We professionally install a versatile range of insulation materials for every type of home to efficiently achieve all of your home energy goals, including: improve comfort & efficiency, reduce noise, reduce pests, improve air quality & reduce indoor allergies.


So whether you are looking for an environmentally conscious and fire resistant material like professional grade cellulose, or an insulation material that will provide an air seal while it insulates like closed cell spray foam, we have got you covered. For our materials that come in batt-form, we use the “flash and batt” method of sealing up any existing air holes before our precise batt installation, so you can get the most out of your insulation material for years of reliable home comfort.


When it comes to keeping your home comfort up, and your energy costs down, trust the building science experts at ECS-Better Home!


From historic homes to new construction, the home  performance upgrades from ECS-Better Home will provide reliable home comfort and energy efficiency all year long.
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  • Our SPF is VOC free!

  • Instant cure

  • One hour re-entry time

  • Most effective & highest

  • Most expensive

  • 100% recycled paper.

  • Treated with a natural pest repellent.

  • Excellent sound-proofing properties

  • Build-in mold & fire retardant

  • Very effective

  • Rock &  Steel Slag

  • Fire-Proof

  • Excellent sound-proofing properties

  • Very effective

  • Extruded Closed Cell Spray Foam

  • Air Seals & Insulates

  • Highest R-Value 

  • Clean appearance

  • More expensive

Eco-Cell Batts

  • Excellent sound-proofing

  • Improve comfort

  • Very effective

  • Least expensive

  • Least effective especially in attics or basements

  • Attractive to rodents & insects

  • Irritant to lungs, skin, eyes

  • Must be accompanied by air sealing to improve efficacy

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