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Common & Uncommon Issues Solved By Proper Air Sealing & Insulation

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Learn how air sealing and insulation reduces noise, deters pests, and keeps your family healthy and comfortable all year round in your Hudson Valley, NY home. Energy Conservation Services, Inc. professionally installs eco-cell batt, cellulose and spray foam insulation for increased comfort and reduced energy bills.


The Common (& Not So Common) Issues Solved By Air Sealing and Insulation

Air Sealing and Insulation are the forgotten heroes when it comes to keeping a quiet, comfortable, pest free and green home. Most homeowners here in the Hudson Valley know that they have insulation, but aren’t aware of the many benefits of proper air sealing and insulation. The building performance experts at Energy Conservation Services, Inc. want to take a minute to discuss the common problems that air sealing and insulation can solve for your New York home — and a few of the less commonly known benefits that they provide.

Air Sealing and Insulation: Not Just For Winter

Homeowners often assume that air sealing and insulation are utilized much like a down winter jacket. You need it during the cold months, but otherwise, it goes back in the closet. This misconception greatly undersells the value of air sealing and insulation, as they offer year-round benefits that keep your home comfortable through the heat of the summer as well!

The main goal of air sealing and insulation is to prevent the transfer of heat through the materials that make up your walls, attic, and basement or crawlspace. (This transfer of heat is also known as conduction, similar to the way a coffee mug will feel hot to the touch when it is full of fresh brew.) The effectiveness of insulation is rated using an R-value (resistance value). The higher the R-value rating, the greater the resistance to heat transfer.

So, in the winter, proper air sealing and insulation will keep the heat from your furnace or heating system from escaping outside or into your attic and crawlspace. In the summer, it will keep the outside heat from infiltrating your living space and forcing your air conditioner to work harder. This brings many immediate benefits such as:

Reduced heating & cooling costs

Less wear on your furnace & air conditioner

Fewer indoor drafts

Consistent comfort throughout your entire home

Better Air Quality

But that’s not all! When you trust Energy Conservation Services, Inc. to install the perfect insulation material, matched with professional air sealing, there are many other less commonly known benefits.

Air Sealing, Insulation & Soundproofing

Properly installed air sealing and insulation, and using the right materials, can also protect your home from the unwanted clatter of the streets and the weather. Depending on where your insulation is to be installed, Energy Conservation Services, Inc. can pair you with the best soundproofing material, like Eco-Cell Batt insulation.

Air Sealing, Insulation & Pest Infestations

When rodents and insects are looking for a warm place to call home, the deteriorated air sealing and insulation in your walls, attic and crawlspace or basement can look mighty fine. There are many insulation materials that contain safe pest deterrents, like Cellulose insulation. This is an eco-friendly insulation material that contains sodium borate, a natural pest deterrent.

Eco-Cell Insulation

Many American homeowners have become increasingly aware of the negative effects that a large carbon footprint has on the environment. Going green is an important aspect of homeownership and running a business. Yet many homes and businesses still utilize insulation materials that are harmful to the environment, as well as to humans! Fiberglass insulation is one of the most commonly used insulation materials, but is not particularly “green” and can cause serious irritations to the lungs, ears, and eyes. Plus, it can attract those previously mentioned pests! If you are looking to go green, Energy Conservation Services, Inc. has you covered.

Better Air Sealing & Insulation through Building Science

As a Building Performance Institute Goldstar Contractor, you can trust that every decision Energy Conservation Services, Inc. makes is backed by sound building science. Energy Conservation Services, Inc. is passionate about making homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and improve air quality.

Not sure about the current state of your air sealing and insulation? Visit our website at to gain a clear understanding of ways to improve the comfort, health and efficiency of your home today.

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