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Keep the Cold Winter Air Outside Where You Want It: The Key is Air Sealing.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Is the poor air sealing and insulation in your Hudson Valley home contributing to the cold drafts, high heating costs, frozen pipes and roof damage? Upgrading your insulation with BPI certified & accredited Gold Star Contractor Energy Conservation Services will keep you comfortable and reduce heating costs.


The Benefits of Air Sealing & Insulation During the Winter

Do you know the role of your home’s air sealing and insulation in keeping you comfortable all year long here in the Hudson Valley? It is common for most homeowners to put their insulation out of sight and out of mind, but when the winter temperatures have our fellow New Yorkers turning up their thermostats, the building performance experts at ECS-Better Home value the opportunity to help homeowners understand the role that air sealing and insulation plays in keeping a home comfortable.

So, how does air sealing and insulation work to keep your Hudson Valley home comfy and cozy, and how can you improve the air sealing and insulation in your home?

The Science of Air Sealing & Insulation

Last summer, we wrote briefly about how air sealing and insulation (closing up holes and gaps in the framing of your home) helps keep the summer heat out of your living space. Insulation, when combined with air sealing, stops heat from infiltrating your home through the materials that make up your walls, attic, and crawl space due to a phenomenon called “stack effect.” But summer isn’t the only time when insulation and air sealing offer valuable benefits. Sealing air leaks and installing insulation in the right areas prevents the transfer of heat in or out and keeps your conditioned air inside year-round.

So, when the temperatures flip for the winter time, air sealing and insulation will keep the warm air from your boiler, furnace or heat pump inside and the cold winter air out. Most homeowners do not realize that proper air sealing & insulation will benefit your home all year long, no matter what the Hudson Valley weather is doing!

Added Benefits of Air Sealing & Insulation

Proper Air Sealing and Insulation provide much more for a home than just more stable temperatures. At ECS-Better Home, we approach the entire home as a system through building science. This means that when we upgrade your air sealing and insulation, we will maximize the benefits they provide the rest of your home, especially during the winter. These winter benefits include:

Less indoor drafts

Consistent indoor temperature

Lower heating costs

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced wear on your furnace, boiler or heat pump

What Are Your Insulation Options?

When you trust a knowledgeable home performance contractor like ECS-Better Home with your energy efficiency upgrades, you can rest easy knowing that you are not just getting a quick fix. We will help you choose the perfect insulation material for your unique needs and for years of energy savings and home comfort. ECS-Better Home professionally installs the following insulation materials here in the Hudson Valley:

Closed cell spray foam insulation

Cellulose loose fill & batt insulation

ROXUL insulation

Polyiso board insulation

Eco-Cell batt insulation

Trust the Hudson Valley’s BPI Certified Building Science-based Contractor

When you call the air sealing and insulation experts at ECS-Better Home, you know you’re getting a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified air sealing and insulation specialist. If you have questions, we are here to answer them. In fact, we love to talk shop!

So, if you are suffering from an uncomfortably cold winter, home, increased heating costs, cold floors or annoying indoor drafts, call the home performance professionals and upgrade your air sealing and insulation for year-round home comfort!

Experience the year-round benefits of a properly air sealed and insulated home — call Energy Conservation Services today at (845) 338-3864.


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