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Five tips for staying cool when the temperature rises - while reducing your impact on Climate

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The summer heat is on and setting new records on the entire North American Continent. Parts of Canada and the Pacific Northwest set record high temperatures of as much 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Climate scientists are calling this heatwave a once in a 1000 year event. If we want to reduce our impact on the climate AND stay comfortable during the warm weather months there are action steps you can take.

1) Open windows at night when the temperature goes down and close them as early as possible to keep the cooler air inside.

2) When the windows are open at night, use window fans to pull air out of the house and pull air into the house. If you can get a good air flow going it should get rid of any trapped hot air and improve your comfort.

3) Get some thick curtains or drapes or simply use some blankets to cover the windows and limit solar heat gain that takes place during the day.

4) Consider doing some air sealing & insulation if you can. All buildings have places where outdoor air comes inside or where the indoor air escapes. Identifying those places and addressing them will improve your comfort level and reduce your utility bill. Contact a professional to help you understand how to best reduce air infiltration because you could unintentionally overdo it and create a building that will make you sick. Once the air sealing is completed, install up to 18" professional grade cellulose or rockwool to maximize comfort. Installing air sealing and insulation will reduce your energy usage by 20%-60% leading to dollar savings, improved comfort and a smaller impact on the climate.

5) Install an EnergyStar Air Conditioner or, better yet, an Air Source Heat Pump. Although EnergyStar appliances cost more at the point of purchase, you can expect to save on your electric utility bill. The most efficient way to cool - or heat - your space is with a high efficiency Air Source Heat Pump. These units cost more at the point of purchase but cost very little to operate and are well worth the investment.

Energy Conservation Services, Inc is a Building Science-based company that transitions buildings off fossil fuels through diagnostic testing, consultation and professional air sealing techniques. No matter where you live, it is possible to make progress toward a goal of being fossil fuel free. Schedule a Consultation - in person or by Zoom - to begin to chart your path forward. Get your personalized plan designed for your unique building and circumstances, by Booking an Appointment

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