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Better Building through Building Science

Comfortable. Durable. Efficient. Healthy. Safe. Valuable. We spend most of our time indoors so why settle for anything less than the best possible conditions in your building?

Kill Germs Inside

Clean indoor air is more important than ever. Now, using Active Pure Technology – the same system used by NASA – it is possible to rid the air and surfaces of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants.

Curious about transitioning to Fossil Fuel Free Heating?

Have you considered installing Heat Pumps or perhaps you have them already and are concerned about comfort? Air sealing and the right insulation will make your indoor environment comfortable and energy efficient using heat pumps engineered for cold climates.

Too Cold in the Winter & Too Hot in the Summer – INSIDE?

If you’re uncomfortable inside your building during extreme temperatures that is a sign that air from the outdoors is coming in. Stop the cycle of paying for heating and cooling air that leaves your home by air sealing. We’re here to help.

Every Decision Matters

Sometimes it is hard to make the best decision while considering building improvements due to conflicting advice from various contractors. We can help you understand the real options available to you and find the best solution.

Health & Safety First

Did you know that we breathe 35 lbs of air each day? In these times, it is vital to keep you and your family healthy & safe. We offer a complete diagnostic assessment of the Indoor Air Quality of your building. Then we provide you with recommendations to clean the indoor air.

Call A “House Doctor!”

Building Scientists are actually “House Doctors” because they diagnose virtually any problem in and around your building. Rather than contact heating and cooling professionals or costly pest control – call a “House Doctor” to diagnose and recommend a solution designed to last.

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Energy Conservation Services

Welcome to Energy Conservation Services, your foremost partner in the Hudson Valley for optimizing energy efficiency and comfort in both historic and modern buildings, as well as preparing buildings to eliminate their fossil fuel use and go all electric. We combine science and service to deliver outstanding results when it comes to making your home or historical building, drawing from our deep expertise in building science to create tailored, sustainable solutions that make homes and buildings more efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective.

Diagnostics & Solutions Customized to Your Building

Looking to resolve comfort issues or high energy bills? Interested in renovating your home or retrofitting a historical building? At Energy Conservation Services, we take a systematic approach to diagnosing and solving these challenges. Using state-of-the-art technology, like blower door pressure diagnostic testing and infrared imaging, we identify hidden issues that can impact your building’s performance.

Prepare for An Electric Future

The use of fossil fuels is waning as an energy source for homes and buildings, making the way for a future of nearly all-electric heating, cooling, cooking, cleaning, and bathing in homes and buildings. Using electricity efficiently begins with the overall performance of your building, and Energy Conservation Services can help you prepare your home for the future while saving you on energy costs. 

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Improve your home efficiency today!

Building Science Services

Uncover hidden issues, leverage state-of-the-art technology, and make smarter decisions for your residential, commercial, or historical retrofit work.


Get expert insulation and air sealing services for historical and modern buildings, enhancing energy efficiency, comfort, and preserving architectural charm.

IAQA Mold Assessment

Get Indoor Air Quality Testing or NYS Mold Assessments in the Hudson Valley, identifying and addressing air quality or mold risks for healthier indoor environments.

More Than Home Upgrades

Our mission? To make every building – whether it’s your charming historical treasure or your home of many years – perform at its best. We provide more than energy efficiency upgrades like air sealing and insulation; they are transformative steps that enhance your living comfort, reduce energy consumption, and create substantial savings on your utility bills. And the best part? Our solutions come with a range of added benefits. Think fewer pest issues, prevention of ice dams and icicles, reduced maintenance, and protection against frozen pipes.

We are here to guide you, to help you understand your building’s needs and how you can improve it. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to optimize comfort, a contractor planning a retrofit, or a potential home buyer wanting to know more about a property, we’ve got you covered.

Building Science Services

Energy Conservation Services specializes in building science services for historic buildings, residential homes and so much more. If you’re ready to make your living space comfortable, healthy and energy efficient, you’ve come to the right place!


Energy Conservation Services are your local experts in insulation and air sealing and will find the right insulation solution for your historic building or home to increase its overall comfort, energy efficiency and health. Learn more about how we work with insulation!

IAQA Mold Assessment

Energy Conservation Services will identify and test for mold and other contaminants in your home or building to diagnose any potential health concerns in or around your living space. Learn more about our IAQA Mold Assessment!

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