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Architects, Builders & Code Enforcement

Energy Conservation Services work with architects and builders to meet NYS Building Code as well as NYS Energy Code, NYS Stretch Energy Code.

As building scientists, we are here to help you meet the energy goals of your projects, as well as any compliance requirements. 

Separate Fact From Fiction with Third Party Verification

Leverage many benefits with third-party verification from Energy Conservation Services as you move your project closer to completion, including:

Quality Assurance

Get an unbiased evaluation to ensure it meets the project specifications, building codes, and industry standards. 

Regulatory Compliance

Get third-party verification, and NYS Building and Energy Codes.

Risk Management

Manage risk and prevent costly mistakes by identifying potential problems early on.

Customer Confidence

Increase customer confidence in the quality and reliability of your work. 


Having a third party involved can also help limit liability and confirm work was done according to code and best practices.

Get an Energy Consult for Your Next Project

Our team of Services possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to act as consultants for the renovation of existing buildings and homes. We can conduct thorough research that can aid preservation activities, aid in creating retrofit plans, or simply satisfy your personal curiosity. We also offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic testing to address typical issues found in buildings.

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