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Energy Conservation Services is your ultimate partner in preparing buildings for a future free from fossil fuels.

We go above and beyond by performing crucial upgrades that dramatically reduce energy usage, laying the foundation for the seamless integration of cutting-edge heat pumps and solar panels. Our unwavering focus lies in creating spaces that prioritize your comfort, optimize efficiency, and elevate air quality to new heights. Our team of professionals is fully insured and extensively trained in the latest building science-based methods, ensuring unparalleled expertise and exceptional results.

But we don’t stop there. At Energy Conservation Services, we are committed to raising the bar of excellence. Through rigorous Internal Quality Assurance practices, we guarantee that every project we undertake surpasses your expectations. Our ‘safety first’ approach ensures that our staff is equipped with top-of-the-line personal protective equipment (PPE), protecting them and your investment. And with our steadfast ‘Do It Right the First Time’ philosophy, you can be confident that our work is nothing short of perfection.

A “Building Science, First” Mentality

At Energy Conservation Services, we offer a proactive and dynamic way to address icicles and ice dams, pests, and poor air quality, head-on. We believe in empowering homeowners to connect the dots between common signs of problems in their homes and the transformative solutions provided by our Building Science experts. With our unique approach, we tackle issues at their root, applying the laws of physics to solve a wide range of building-related challenges.

It is our mission to understand how buildings work through diagnostic tools and techniques and to improve how a building performs through expert retrofit work. If it doesn’t help you feel more comfortable or use less energy, we won’t recommend it!

It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal

The passion of the team here at Energy Conservation Services stems from personal experience and an urgent need to meet our climate goals, not just dollar signs. After learning how to improve their own home, founders Bill and Melinda McKnight were so impressed with how their home felt, they wanted their friends, family, and neighbors to experience the same. Improving buildings presents a significant challenge in meeting our electrification and carbon emission reduction benchmarks, yet it happens to be our unwavering passion, driving us to deliver excellence on every single project. 

Fossil Fuel Free: A Commitment to Sustainability

As of May 26, 2023, Energy Conservation Services, Inc proudly received the prestigious Green Business Champion Award from Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger, marking a remarkable achievement as the first company to accomplish all three tiers of the UGreen Business Challenge. Our dedication to our craft is so profound that we have successfully transformed both our residential space—an exquisite 1960 colonial-style building on a slab—and our commercial establishment—an illustrious 1850 timber-frame building—to be completely fossil fuel-free.E

Separate Fact from Fiction

When you trust Energy Conservation Services with your insulation, air sealing, indoor air quality upgrades, historical retrofits, or diagnostic testing, we can help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to building upgrades. When seeking factual information about your building, call us for professional advice on indoor air quality, diagnostic testing, air sealing and insulation and historic preservation upgrades. By doing all of the necessary changes in your building ahead of time, you can smoothly transition off fossil fuels for a more comfortable, efficient, healthier, safer home for you and your family to make lasting memories. 

We are also an Accredited GoldStar Contractor by the Building Performance Institute and a Pearl Elite Contractor. This means we are able to certify the upgrades we perform in your home through an independent third party.

Address Comfort and Efficiency Problems At the Source

When comfort issues are addressed, efficiency will follow! By utilizing a diagnostic approach to reducing energy waste, Energy Conservation Services can look at how all of the systems within a building are interconnected. For example, a building that may appear to be wasting energy through an inefficient heating and cooling system may actually be suffering from excessive air leaks or ineffective insulation. 

Make the smarter choice for your comfort and efficiency upgrade. Experience the proactive difference with Energy Conservation Services as we revolutionize energy consumption while embracing sustainability. Your journey towards a greener, more comfortable, energy-efficient future starts here.

Are you looking for a trusted local expert to diagnose your building’s comfort and efficiency issues? Call Energy Conservation Services at 845-338-3864 or contact us online. 

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