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Diagnostic Testing

Your Solution to Historic Building Restoration

Are you seeking solutions to the challenges posed by your historic building in Ulster or Dutchess Counties? Our diagnostic testing services provide the crucial answers you need to assess current conditions, address pressing problems, and plan for future projects.

Understanding the Role of Diagnostic Testing

Though it’s not always necessary to conduct a comprehensive energy audit before embarking on a restoration project, the role of a building scientist can’t be underestimated. Whether it’s a simple moisture issue or a major concern like rodents and poor air quality, the experts at Energy Conservation Services bring a level of expertise that ensures your project addresses every aspect of comfort, efficiency, durability, health, safety, and resilience.

Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing Services

At Energy Conservation Services, we offer a wide range of diagnostic tests to tackle various building issues:

  1. Indoor Air Quality Diagnostics: This service evaluates factors like accumulated gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, moisture, particle counts, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Each test comes with a comprehensive report outlining remediation recommendations.
  2. Blower Door Pressure Diagnostics: This test quantifies the amount of air entering or leaving your building, offering insights to reduce drafts, improve comfort, and boost efficiency.
  3. Duct Pressure Leakage Test: A vital test when installing a new heating or cooling system that uses ductwork.
  4. Gas Leak Test/Accumulated Gases Test: This procedure checks for gas leaks or accumulated gases in your building.
  5. Formaldehyde Test: Due to its health implications, this test checks for formaldehyde presence in your building.
  6. Comfort Assessments: Our “Virtual” and “Comprehensive” Comfort Assessments include a complete visual inspection and a suite of diagnostic tests to ensure your building’s utmost comfort.
  7. Mold Assessment: Locate and mediate persistent mold issues to prevent them from affecting your indoor air, or your building’s structural integrity. 

The Value of a Comprehensive Energy Audit

Despite not being a prerequisite, a comprehensive energy audit, featuring all necessary diagnostic testing, can be invaluable for an in-depth understanding of your building’s performance. This audit helps in identifying hidden inefficiencies, potential health hazards, and strategies to enhance comfort. Such thorough examination helps guide cost-effective solutions and preemptive measures, bringing peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your building’s health has been meticulously inspected.

Our COVID-19 Precautions During Comfort Assessments

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve adopted a “low touch/no touch” operation for your safety and ours. All our Comprehensive Comfort Assessments are conducted with minimal contact and utmost precautions.

Applying Building Science Principles to Preserve Historical Buildings

Beyond traditional solutions, the application of Diagnostic Testing and Building Science Principles can diagnose a variety of issues in buildings, ensuring lasting solutions. Regardless of your project’s scope, the inclusion of a professional Building Scientist in your plans and projects is a decision that will pay dividends.

Embarking on a project in Port Ewen, NY, and need a trusted local expert to diagnose your building’s comfort and efficiency issues? Call Energy Conservation Services at 845-338-3864 or contact us online.

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