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At Energy Conservation Services, we are driven by our commitment to transforming buildings for a sustainable future, but we also place immense value on the experiences of our customers. After all, the most authentic insights often come from those who have journeyed with us, rather than from us talking about our own services. Here, you will find genuine reviews from customers whose lives and properties we’ve helped improve through energy efficiency upgrades.

Customer satisfaction isn’t just a box we check; it’s the standard by which we measure our success. We strive for each project to be a unique testament to our skills, values, and dedication to the green revolution. Read through our testimonials, and discover why so many building owners trust Energy Conservation Services for their energy efficiency and historical retrofit needs.

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As a first time homeowner, my ‘new’ 1930’s farmhouse came with a few surprises– one being almost zero insulation anywhere in the home. The downstairs was an ice box and upstairs was an absolute sauna. I was losing heat through the roof at a rapid pace. Bill McKnight came out and did an overall energy audit and had several smart suggestions– one being to get this puppy sealed up. The team came and did a serious foam/insulation job in the basement and in the upstairs attic. Since then, temperatures have been stable, warm, and I expect it to be a far more pleasant winter. Bill and team were total pros– in and out with elegance, zero mess, and let me know what they were finding along the way. I’d recommend their services to anyone who needs their home to work harder for them. Also, as a first time homeowner (who didn’t know exactly what they were getting into with an old house)– Bill was very generous with his time. He gave me valuable knowledge and insight into energy conservation– surely something I’ll use in the future.

Megan S., Margaretville, NY

The insulation and air sealing done in the attic by Bill and the crew helped so much to keep my apartment much cooler during the extremely hot days of 90+ degrees. I noticed immediately that the outside hallway was much cooler, too, and it’s not even air conditioned! Can’t wait to see how much warmer I’ll be in the winter. Thank you, guys!

Chris D., Port Ewen, NY

Working with ECS was the best house-related professional experience we have ever had.  From the beginning, communication with Chris was helpful and prompt.  Bill led a wonderful team of workers.  How unusual for a company President & CEO to get their hands dirty and do the work!  We have a cape home and one of the energy improvements made was insulating large knee wall spaces to keep out winter cold and summer heat from the adjoining rooms.  We can absolutely feel the difference.  The quality of work was impeccable. Bill thoroughly explained everything being done and clearly enjoys educating customers so you come away understanding more about your house.  With ECS’s help we are on our way to greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

Melanie B., New Paltz, NY

Very pleased with the work performed by ECS. The owner Bill inspected my house and made recommendations on areas that needed insulation (as well as some that didn’t, saving me money). We had some spray foam insulation installed and blown-in cellulose to address a very drafty rear addition on the first floor. The crew was extremely clean and professional. With the type of spray foam they used we were able to sleep in our house that same night (some other companies required the house to be vacant for 24 hours for off-gassing). Now our first floor holds heat MUCH better and there aren’t any drafts.

Jake S., Saugerties, NY

I was impressed by Bill’s vast building science knowledge and how he took the time to explain it all to me. I had him insulate and air seal my turn of the century house and now I am safe, comfortable and am saving hundreds of dollars a month on my fuel and electric bills. I highly recommend ECS.

Olga P., Kingston, NY

We had to leave our house due to my wife’s and my chemical sensitivity. Bill was able to diagnose the problem and found the source of mold in our attics. His report was complete and very informative. His team removed the damaged insulation and when he was done properly air sealing, installing proper ventilation and insulating our house we were able to move back in and the house is wonderfully warm. We are very happy and highly recommend Bill and his team.

Roland P., Olivebridge, NY

The insulation resulted in a much warmer house for less fuel. I’m comfortable and very pleased.

James G., West Hurley, NY

Bill is the kind of contractor that we need more of. His work is A-1 and reasonably priced.

Herb S., Hyde Park, NY

Bill is knowledgeable and thorough, and he really took the time to explain what he was doing and what he found. He also asked questions to get a sense of how handy I am, and tailored his report to show the changes I could make myself without having to hire a pro. He’s one of the best. I recommend him.

Andrew S., Rhinebeck, NY

Bill and Melinda are awesome! Great initial consultation, came to the house for visual inspection, made recommendation for rim joist spray foam and blown cellulose fir the attic. Sent estimate, just had the work completed and the immediate impact of having this done is incredible!! The house feels like a down comforter was thrown over the entire house. Wow, thank you for the incredible job. Well done!

Marisa P., Shokan, NY

By choosing a BPI accredited contractor you can be sure to obtain the best from your home by making the most cost-effective improvements. Bill has a thorough understanding of the [building] diagnostic equipment and technical skill to improve your home performance. That means being more comfortable while spending less on energy.

Deb T., Warwick, NY

Bill is one of the most thorough, diligent and pleasant contractors I have ever worked with. He has incredible patience in explaining every and all details. He also has a vast amount of knowledge and is a great resource for all things related to energy efficient building. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Joanne L., Rhinebeck, NY

Had my house air sealed and made energy efficient. They did quality work and we had a noticeable difference in our energy consumption and comfort. I am doing business with them again with another property I own.

Juan W., Kingston, NY

They did a professional job. The results are amazing!

Linda Y., Ulster Park, NY

Thank You!

Jennie D., Kingston, NY

I want you to know that the repairs you did turned out very well. The front room is very comfortable in fact the family complains its too warm and the tinsel on the Christmas Tree, which used to show a steady breeze is now still and doesn’t move. Thank you for your advice. It works.

Ken P., Woodstock, NY

Excellent work; replaced all insulation in our inefficient home. Three workers for a whole week worked tirelessly; leaving our home tidy at the end of the workday. Absolutely recommend this company.

Jacqueline M., Hurley, NY

Bill and his crew are Top Notch and are fantastic at what they do. After every job they make sure to clean the customers house as clean as possible ( I had to dust in between banisters on rails when I worked for them). The office crew is pleasant and professional and will bend over backwards to make your house as efficient as possible without cutting any corners at all. They care about people over profits and It shows in their crew’s work ethics. you’re never going to meet a nicer group of people.

Eric M., Kingston, NY

Bill assessed our cottage, gave us a full description of work and answered our many questions. Using advanced equipment he tested airflow through our house before and after the work; it improved 28%. More importantly the house is warmer and more comfortable in cold weather. Also he didn’t sell us more than we needed. His workers were considerate and tidy. What a pleasure.

Rochelle Y, Ulster Park, NY

It’s the ‘personal touch’ that makes working with ECS rewarding. They have a sincere passion for their work and are committed to good environmental stewardship. Each project is custom-designed with that in mind. We never had that ‘one-size-fits-all’ feeling that some contractors project. Work was done in a timely fashion and coordinated with the contractor who did our HVAC job. Ours is a mid-century ranch house – built when energy was cheap! ECS helped make our house energy efficient for the 21st century. We have already saved over $800 the first winter on our heating costs, and the comfort of our home now, compared with before, is night and day.

Jessica M. & David J., Poughkeepsie, NY

Absolutely wonderful to work with. Bill and Melinda were so knowledgeable during our initial walk through, Vincenta and Chris were great during project scheduling and securing financing, and the installation crew members were efficient, personable, and kind. I have nothing but wonderful things to say! We are happily warm and snug in our newly insulated home.

Eileen K., Ellenville, NY

We’re thrilled about the fact that what seemed like a breezy cardboard box is now a cozy home. What a huge difference we’re feeling around here. I think you’re team did a great job, and I’m especially happy about what a great job they did of cleaning up after themselves. There was practically no sign that any work was being done around here.  Aside from the wonderful results.

David M., Hyde Park, NY

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