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Air Purification & Viruses

There has never been a more important time to consider the quality of the indoor air you breathe, than now.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to think deeply about indoor air quality and how to make our air safe.  The best air purification systems contain ActivePure Technology designed to neutralize viruses, including COVID-19, in the air as well as on surfaces.


Did you know that the average person breathes 35 lbs of air per day?

Most of us spend more time inside than outside. We rarely think about the air quality inside our homes, offices and other places where we spend time yet, there are signs of poor air quality, if we pay attention. Fatigue, foggy thinking, headaches, nausea, sinus & respiratory allergies as well as the transmission of bacteria and viruses are some of the signs that air purification is necessary.  We begin with Air Quality testing to determine the specific issues unique to your building then, we provide you with a set of recommendations to resolve your concerns. If necessary, we offer solutions to purify the air you breathe as well as kill bacteria and viruses that land on surfaces in your home. 

The need for air purification often become obvious through musty odors and stale air.  They can be so subtle that we get used to them and accept the situation as something that can't be changed.  Finding solutions to Indoor Air Quality issues can be complicated.  The way air flows into and out of a building can create indoor quality problems that can be solved using Advanced Air Sealing techniques, installing proper ventilation, sealing leaky ductwork - to name just a few possible solutions.  Trust a Professional Building Scientist to properly assess the situation and find a solution that fits your needs and budget.


We have personal experience with poor indoor air quality and we know just how much of an impact it can have on your life. We would be happy to assist you in resolving your indoor air quality issues.  

Covid 19

Breathe Healthy Air!

Case Study #1

Confounding Cape

The homeowners could not be in their home without feeling very sick. After performing a complete visual inspection and diagnostic tests, we discovered a toxic combination of gases, moisture and mold in their home. We diagnosed it and, more importantly, devised a series of steps to fix it properly.  They have returned to the home they love.

Case Study #2



The resident described a distressing set of neurological symptoms associated with spending time in the building. After performing a set of diagnostic tests and visual inspections, we determined that the improperly installed floor insulation was trapping moisture. The high moisture content was causing the wood to decay.  Acetone is a

by-product of wood decay.

The resident suffered the symptoms of Acetone Poisoning. We helped develop a plan to fix the problem and the resident felt better almost immediately.

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