Air Sealing

Air sealing is the process of sealing up holes, gaps and cracks that allow outdoor air to find it's way inside and allows the indoor air you pay to heat and cool to leave your building. Air sealing helps insulation do the job it is intended to do - keep the conditioned air inside.

Air sealing is the single most important retrofit activity you can perform any time you change insulation, make upgrades to the exterior walls or surfaces adjacent to unconditioned space.

Performing air sealing is something that a homeowner can perform themselves however it is best to work with a Building Science-based company to ensure that you do not unintentionally create a house that makes occupants sick, known as "Sick House Syndrome".  The key to ensuring that your building maintains proper air flow is to work with a Building Performance Institute certified contractor who can perform blower door pressure diagnostic testing along with a Building Air Flow Standard calculation (ASHRAE standard).

Some common air sealing opportunities in buildings include:

  • top plates

  • rim joists and/or sill beams

  • drywall seams

  • electrical and plumbing penetrations

  • recessed lights

  • vent fans

  • knee wall attic slopes/end walls or knee wall/floor

  • cavities or chases

For more information on the importance of air sealing, visit

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Air Sealing your Home

If you're in the Hudson Valley or Catskill Mountains of New York State, give us a call to either help guide your efforts or perform air sealing for you. Air sealing typically saves home owners between 5% and 30% on their utility bills. Another benefit is that it will dramatically improve the overall comfort of your home and may even reduce pests!

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