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Do your Project
in Stages

There are times when it makes sense to do your big project in smaller parts. We can help you decide what to accomplish first to give you the results you want.

National Energy Improvement Fund "NEIF"

This is an excellent option if you have a larger project you wish to finance for a longer term. 

Improve your home's comfort & efficiency with this fast & simple, low monthly payment option that covers improvements including Air Sealing & Insulation, Heating & Cooling, Solar, Geothermal & more. Finally, a fossil fuel free building is possible.

Synchrony Financial

Consider funding improvements such as insulation removal and other home improvement projects with a number of low interest or no interest loan options.

This option works best for projects that are around $5k or less. Larger size projects are better suited for "NEIF".

NYS Home Performance with Energy Star Program

Use the energy savings from making a set of recommended upgrades to pay for your project. The criteria for this option is fairly specific. To find out if you qualify, click the link below.

Explore all that the NYS program has to offer to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.  Restrictions apply. The process can be lengthy so patience is necessary.

Commercial Financing

If you need help installing energy efficiency improvements at your commercial location, consider Everlasting Capital. Rated #1 in the State of New Hampshire, they're relationship based and their customers matter to them.

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