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- Megan S., Margaretville, NY


"As a first time homeowner, my 'new' 1930's farmhouse came with a few surprises-- one being almost zero insulation anywhere in the home. The downstairs was an ice box and upstairs was an absolute sauna. I was losing heat through the roof at a rapid pace. Bill McKnight came out and did an overall energy audit and had several smart suggestions-- one being to get this puppy sealed up. The team came and did a serious foam/insulation job in the basement and in the upstairs attic. Since then, temperatures have been stable, warm, and I expect it to be a far more pleasant winter. Bill and team were total pros-- in and out with elegance, zero mess, and let me know what they were finding along the way. I'd recommend their services to anyone who needs their home to work harder for them.

Also, as a first time homeowner (who didn't know exactly what they were getting into with an old house)-- Bill was very generous with his time. He gave me valuable knowledge and insight into energy conservation-- surely something I'll use in the future."

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